“Side-splitting…Laughs Aplenty” – Bognor Regis Post, UK

“….wonderful audience work and slick, laugh out loud material.” – The Hersham Hub

* * * * Mark Palmer is clean, classy, clever – Argus Tonight

“… a rare find” –

“A genuinely likeable guy” – Cape Argus

“Full-bloodied, fully-charged entertainment” – Cape Times

“Comedy times two” – The Argus

“An inspired humorous gem” – Jaro Kalak

“Brilliance at its best. Sharp & good, clean humour” – Ford

“MARK Palmer is one of a rare breed of comedians: he can make you laugh without having to pepper his routine with expletives or venture too far below the belt. There are a few pairs of underpants scattered around and the odd reference to poo, but nothing you wouldn’t be happy letting your young teen giggle at. He’s great at slice-of-life comedy, and deftly gives a wide range of subjects a sharp nudge in the ribs…….”
– The Cape Times – REVIEW by Terri Dunbar-Curran

“Mark Palmer is back at On Broadway with his new show called iConfused. It is a really funny take on the current gadget dependant society that we live in and covers a few classic male versus female topics along the way.
One of the best things about Palmer’s comedy is that it will appeal to almost any audience and you can take your most conservative family and friends along without fear that the performer will be using expletives that they would rather not hear. When I told my wife that we were reviewing a show and it was Palmer she replied: “Awesome he was the clean comic from last time!”
The show is very tightly put together and had the audience in stitches with anecdotes regarding marriage, cell phones, and the boogie man just to name a few. A lovely build up leads to the revealing of the age-old mystery of chicken versus egg being finally resolved once and for all. Something that was a lovely public service announcement from the man and yet delivered with much humour was a tale regarding a “blow up pillow”……

Mark Palmer is back at On Broadway with his usual brand of clean, cringe-free humour that we’ve come to know and love

With the world spinning off its axle and going berserk we need humorists like Mark Palmer to lighten our blues. His latest show iConfused is now on at On Broadway in Cape Town and is guaranteed to inject a healthy dose of humour into your jumbled confidence. Palmer’s soothing style and collected sensibility offers a relaxed evening of first rate comedic therapy, where laughter proves to be the best cure. In our world where technology rules our humanity, and smart dictates logic, Palmer cleverly de-constructs our robotic weaknesses and allows us to review our un-smart actions from his comical perspective and sincere honesty.
– The Writing Studio REVIEW

“Palmer’s ability to take us back is where he really shines. His keen observation of the neurotic quirks of every human being shoves a mirror in our faces and allows us to laugh at the dumb things we do on a daily basis.

“A stand-up comedy piece about technology, and how it can often bring more confusion than simplification to one’s life. The show requires a slightly dryer funny pallet, although guarantees much laughter. Worth a watch. Rating: 3.5 stars. – Jonathan Duiguid (The Drama King)”
– The Real Brew

The cleanest stand-up comedy that I have ever seen and, surprisingly, it was just as funny as any other. Personally, I feel that it is far more difficult to have a stand-up act that doesn’t incorporate swearing, cringe-inducing or offensive topics, than one that does. The show is called iConfused and is based on the concept that although all this technology makes life simpler, it still doesn’t answer all the important questions and, in the end, just leaves us all incredibly confused.
Mark Palmer points this out in his wish to have applications that could translate what woman are saying and an application that will warn men about what will happen when they move in with a woman. So instead of sitting and wondering about this confusion, Mark makes it funny, entertaining and makes you say, more than once, that is so true……to read the rest of the review, click here.”

Gadgetry and its usin’ gets a tad confusin’ – Theresa Smith
“Stand-up comedy is definitely a great genre for On Broadway and Mark Palmer has found a nice little spot for his latest show. Now if only the audience would catch a wake up call and notice this good show on Long Street before the next hit-and-miss variety show.”

“I’m elated that this year our choice fell on well known Cape Town comedian – Mark Palmer! When hosting a corporate event – stand up comedy is always risky as often, entertainers are not able to draw the fine line between entertainment and what becomes uncomfortable… Mark was able to read the crowd extremely well – he was able to adapt his comedy in a way that not only suited our brand and also the very diverse crowd we had gathered.”
– Protea Hotels

“Mark, your performance was excellent! You were funny, without being rude or crude and it was refreshing to meet a big talent where the skill and relatedness is bigger than the ego and self-importance. We are keen to invite/contract you again.”
– iTouch SA

“Clean, original, laugh-out-loud comedy at its best.”
– Carolyn Cramer, NewGen

“Mark performed as the celebrity guest comedian at our annual dinner at the Golden Horse Casino. Mark has been a pleasure to work – no big ego – just professional and polite. His comedy had our guests in stitches and we were laughing about people in everyday situations. Mark has the art of changing and pulling faces to add substance to his hilarious act. His jokes are absolutely clever, clean and classy. No embarrassing situations with below the belt comedy.” I have no hesitation in recommending him for other events.”
– Anila Sewlall – Fundraiser – Msunduzi Hospice

“The women also had plenty of laughs during the luncheon with a spectacular performance from comedian Mark Palmer. “He had the women in fits of laughter – it definitely set the mood for the fundraising aspect of the day and we are all very pleased by its success”
– Businesswomen’s Association Western Cape Chairperson Ferose Oaten

“It was a great show and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Mark’s brand of comedy is fast, relevant and seriously funny. The tone was spot-on and his ability to read the crowd and draw them in is evidence of a real talent. Our partners, vendors and guests had nothing but praise for this extremely likeable and talented artist. Very highly recommended!”
– Foshini Data Group – October 2009

“Let me say a very big thank-you for such an unbelievable show. We at Allée Bleue were all so thrilled at how fantastic the evening turned out. We could not have asked for a better way to start our first Comedy evening than with you by our side. You have set a very high bar for the remainder of our evenings – I feel sorry for those who are to follow!

The show was clean, sharp, full of all the current happenings and extremely funny! Your professionalism and dedication to what you do is really something to be admired! The feedback was only that of praise and everyone is very excited to see you back again soon!  You rock!”
– Michelle de Villiers, Functions Manager, Allee Bleue Hospitality – October 2009

“Mark, your performance was excellent! You were funny, without being rude or crude and it was refreshing to meet a big talent where the skill and relatedness is bigger than the ego and self-importance. We are keen to invite/contract you again.”
 iTouch SA

“Brilliance at it’s best. Sharp & Good clean humor. He was indeed an excellent choice to kick off our Porter Motor Group’s Fiesta Launch in the intimacy of O’Hagan’s at Newlands. Just after Rassie Erasmus lead us onto the field for the reveal. What a superb evening! Mark just brought that something special with his witty performance! Thanks again Mark!
– Porters Auto (Ford) Cape Town

“I used Mark for our biggest Gaming event of the year and he did a fantastic job of entertaining our top clients. Thank you Mark for adding to the success of the evening.”
– GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World, CPT

“I think the show was awesome! & all my guests agreed! It was clear that everyone had an extra special time! A big thanks from all my guests & colleague – we all felt extremely entertained! Will definitely try to book you the next time we have an event! Thank-you!”
– Metal Closures Group (MCG Industries)

“Mark proved the ideal choice for Cape Weddings Bride of the Year 2008 MC. Not only is Mark naturally funny, but he’s traveling his own road to matrimony. With his beautiful fiancée in the audience, Mark entertained with his wit, sparkle and clever humour.”
– Karen Naude – April, 2008

“I’m elated that this year our choice fell on well known Cape Town comedian – Mark Palmer! When hosting a corporate event – stand up comedy is always risky as often, entertainers are not able to draw the fine line between entertainment and what becomes uncomfortable… Mark was able to read the crowd extremely well – he was able to adapt his comedy in a way that not only suited our brand and also the very diverse crowd we had gathered.”
– Protea Hotels

“The guests at my husband’s 50th were NOT disappointed………!” 
– Fleur Lerwill –
 50th Birthday 30 May 2008

Mark is represented by The Comedy Agency
For bookings contact:
0161 9610961

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@MarkPalmerComic You were super AWESOME Thursday eve!Great stuff 😉
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was an awesome evening! RT: @MarkPalmerComic: Nothing better than waking up with that feeling of “mission accomplished” #iconfused…..”
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@MarkPalmerComic It was an amazing show. Congrats! 🙂
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@MarkPalmerComic tnx for the wonderful entertainment. Looking forward to the next show!
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@MarkPalmerComic good luck for the future m8. Ur show was brilliant! Dnt take to long with the next one!
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@MarkPalmerComic is brilliant in #iConfused. Look out for his next run. Changes your 🙁 into 🙂 lol 😉
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@MarkPalmerComic – you’re sooo funny! Had a blast last night 🙂
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@MarkPalmerComic loved your show, very, very clever. Well done!
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The best comedie I’ve seen in years by @MarkPalmerComic with #iConfused at On Broadway! Performing till Saturday and it’s cheap! Go check it
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The team went to see @MarkPalmerComic’s #iConfused last night and the jokes are bouncing around the office. #GoodVibes
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Lol so hard my jaw was in permanent lol-mode, thanks @MarkPalmerComic. You gotta go see his show @ ON BROADWAY. #iConfused.
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@MarkPalmerComic ‘s show #iConfused is a cracker. Last week at On Broadway. Everyone should go see it! LOL 😉
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@MarkPalmerComic You were brilliant on Saturday night!! #iConfused is a definite must!! Forgive me for being the loud blonde in front!
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Hahahahaha @MarkPalmerComic says kids at school with bags on wheels looks like a mini airport. Brilliant show!!!
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Just watched @MarkPalmerComic Excellent! Intelligent clean whit. Recommended to other #socialmedia buddies #standupcomedy #OnBroadway
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Bored & need some life in your veins this Friday eve? Head through to @MarkPalmerComic’s ‘#iConfused’ at OnBroadway
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Guys and girls if you haven’t already been do yourselves a favour and go watch @MarkPalmerComic ‘s show iconfused at on broadway!Brilliant!
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Going to see @MarkPalmerComic in #iConfused tonight. Can’t wait. He is one funny guy!
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@MarkPalmerComic my pleasure such an awesome night definitely gonna recommend it !!!!!
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@MarkPalmerComic thanks for an excellent evening!!!! Great workout for the tummy muscles
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@MarkPalmerComic had us in stitches!! Go see him at On Broadway
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Seriously, go have a laugh and enjoy @MarkPalmerComic’s show at On Broadway – he is funny, and a cool guy too.
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Had an amazing time at on broadway – iconfused with @MarkPalmerComic! You rock! LOL! Wink!
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Had a great evening at “On Broadway” with @MarkPalmerComic really funny stuff and a lekker lol eve out! 🙂 I would definitely recommend it!
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@MarkPalmerComic very clean funy show,guna bring my kosher friends,laughing out loud ,winking nd no hugs thou
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DO go to the bathroom before a comedy show. @MarkPalmerComic, you were fantastic!
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@MarkPalmerComic awesome show last night!!! Was in tears I was laughing so hard!!!
Marcel_Perform May 19, 11:43pm via SocialScope
#iConfused @MarkPalmerComic once again proves that he’s funny and clean. I’ll be seeing it again with my wife & she’ll laugh, so will I 🙂
Marcel_Perform May 19, 11:46pm via SocialScope
#iConfused @MarkPalmerComic Thnx – I LOLled tonight! Loved ‘matric dance’ line & a your ‘granny’ character. Love your work *smiley face*
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Had such a fun evening at On Broadway this eve. Much love & respect to @MarkPalmerComic! Check out his show folks!
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Great night out at On Broadway. Thanks for the laughs @MarkPalmerComic
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.@MarkPalmerComic brought it tonight. If you a fan of good slice of life stand up. Go check it!
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Great show tonight @MarkPalmerComic – well worth a watch #iConfused
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Hilarious show thanks @MarkPalmerComic 🙂 lol 😉 rofl and many more emoticons
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Do yourself a favour and go watch @MarkPalmerComic at On Broadway. Details on computicket. Best LOL iv had in a while;)
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Had a great laugh at #iConfused a must see! Thanks @MarkPalmerComic
CandieW May 17, 9:58pm via Twitter for iPhone
Tummy clenching laughter @ On Broadway with @MarkPalmerComic! A definite must see!

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